Always work on Accident Apply Settings Smartphones Now

Always work on Accident Apply Settings Smartphones Now

How to set Emergency numbers in the smartphone Whenever anyone has an accident, sometimes the patient becomes unconscious, so that people who came to help him cannot contact his house because we all know that people can get their smartphone Keeping the pattern lock in it, due to which the patient can not remove his house number from the smartphone.

But the smartphone is not built like this. During the Accident, your smartphone can help you break your pattern without breaking it.

Today we are going to tell you a set of a smartphone that can help you with an accident. If you become unconscious during an accident, this setting will show your home mobile number above your smartphone’s pattern lock.

Apart from this, you can set your emergency number in another setting. In this way, anyone helping you can know the number of your home without breaking the pattern of your smartphone and can give news of your accident to your family members.

So you should apply these settings to your smartphone right now because nobody knows what’s going to happen next.

How To Set Emergency Numbers In The Smartphone:

Emergency numbers will be used to call the house at the time of the first setting accelerator.

First of all, you have to click the setting of the mobile and then click on Security as it goes down. Then click on the settings icon next to Screen Lock. At the time of emergency, work will be done to call home users.

Here you can see the Lock Screen Message option at the bottom, you can write your home number by clicking on it.

You should write like this in the example HOME number 1234567890 so that the front lovers can quickly understand that this is your house number.

Emergency numbers will be used to call the house at the second setting accident. This emergency setting

It has an option of EMERGENCY below the pattern lock, by clicking on it you can set your home emergency number. With this, any smartphone pattern can see your Emergency number without breaking the lock and can call your home during Emergency.

Whenever you are in an emergency situation, the first setting will be the number of your home on the screen of your smartphone, while on the second setting whenever any pattern will click on the EMERGENCY option below the lock, the numbers you set will be shown in this way Anyone can see your number from your smartphone and report to your family members.

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