What is Digital Signature and How to Make it in 2019?


Do you know what Digital Signature is (What is Digital Signature)? Here you will want to know about some of the questions related to it. This is a bit technical, but I can understand you. Friends, you use signatures in place of your life. Signature is a sign of our agreement.

If we are writing our signature then it means that we are expressing our consent to that thing. We write our signature, such as in a bank’s check book, or in a government document where we have the consent.

But have you ever thought that these Signatures can also be bogus? There are many people who can duplicate any signature. Now here’s a little scare because if such fake signatures rob you of money earned from our hard work, it’s really a scary thing.

But now you are not afraid because now we have started using Digital Signature instead of Physical Signature. That is why such a revolving work is unlikely. So today in this article we will know what is Digital Signature and how to create Digital Signature. So let’s start delaying what.

What is Digital Signature?

This is a technique that allows us to know the truth of anybody’s document. We can find out how much that document is Authentic or Genuine. Digital Signature has been designed so that if any kind of tampering is done then it can be easily identified. This gives accurate information about the origin, identity and status of that electronic document.

A valid Digital Signature provides us with the assurance that the documents sent by the known sender have been sent, confirming this. And from this point, it can not even sender the sender. Digital Signature is a standard element for many Cryptographic Protocol Suites and they are used in many places such as Software Distribution, Financial Transaction and Contract Management Software, which can easily be caught by fraudulent frauds.

How to create a digital signature and how it works?

Digital Signature Public key is based only on Cryptography, also called Asymmetric Cryptography. It generates two keys by using the public key Algorithm such as RSA, which are private and public. And these two keys are mathematically linked. To create a digital signature, signing software to help with the signature of the electronic data.

Its one-way hash is made. Then hash is encrypted with the help of Private Key. Similar encrypted hash and other related information like Hashing Algorithm are called Digital Signature. Here we encrypt empty Hash in place of the entire message so that because with the help of the Hash Function.

we can translate any arbitrary input into a fixed length value which is smaller than usual. It saves time because Hashing is much faster than signing.

Hash’s value is unique if we look at its Hashed Data. If any changes occur in that data, even if a character is also manipulated, then some other value will show in the result. This feature enables others to validate the integrity of the data by using the signatory’s Public Key to decrypt the hash.

If decrypted hash matches, with another computed hash then it gives evidence that there is no change in the data. And if both Hash data does not match then it is possible that some changes have been made in the data, and can not be trusted in this.

Now you want to explain to people a simple example. Let’s say a man is “A” who wants to send some required documents through email, to another person who is “B”.

  • The document that needs to digitally sign in hash function (a small program) is applied and gives a “numbered sequence” which is called Hash.
  • After that, the same Hash is encrypted with “Sender Private Key“.
  • After doing this, that document is now digitally signed. And it is sent to another man.
  • Now another guy “B” gets a signed document, now he will have to do some basic things to check the authenticity of that document.
  • At first, he had to use “Hash Function” on that document, which would result in Hash (which we call H1).
  • The second step will have to decrypt that Signed Document by using “Sender Public Key” and thereby result in Hash (which we call H2).
  • Now both H1 and H2 will have to compare, and if both H1 and H2 material are released, then we can say that the Signed Document is completely original and there is no mutation in it.

Digital signature under the Indian Law (Legal Aspect):

Now you must have come to these questions in the minds of people whether the Digital Signature is certified by our Indian Law or not. So do not be afraid to give you full information about it.

[su_note note_color=”#ffb066″]Under Section 3 Information Technology Act, 2000 (which was updated in 2008), Digital Signature is legal. In section 35, it has been thoroughly explained that whoever issues the “Digital Signature Certificate” will issue “If the applicant has generated the Digital Signature.[/su_note]

Is there a difference between Digital Certificate and Digital Signature?
Let me tell you that there is a great difference between both the digital certificate and digital signature. Digital Certificate is used to verify the trustworthiness of a website where Digital Signature is used to verify a document.

Is it safe to use a Digital Certificate?
So in this context, we can say that using Digital Certificate is absolutely safe, as long as your Private Key is safe with you.

For your information, let’s say that Private Keys are generated and stored in the FIPS compliant Cryptographic Token, so it is impossible to temp it. We can say that the Private Keys are made in that Cryptographic Token only, it remains the same and it dies within itself, and it does not come out anytime.

During Digital Signing, Private Keys are required to use it in a software and a PIN is also required to do this. So you have to keep that PIN with this Cryptographic Token as well.

For this reason, it is very safe because for anyone to access Digital Signature you will also need to know his PIN along with his Cryptographic Token.

Benefits of Digital Signature:

The main task of Digital Signature is to prevent any kind of tampering and impersonation with any Digital Documents. With this help, we learn about the real reality of any digital documents that it is real or fake.

These are the main advantages of Digital Signature:

Authentication: As we know that Digital Signature is linked with any user’s Private Keys and it can only be used for this, here it is known that the real owner of this document is Conn.

Integrity: If there is a difference in a single bit, after the digital signing, then it becomes completely proof that this document is not reliable and reliable.

Non-repudiation: If a user has signed his / her digital signature in a document, then he can not refuse it later. This is because the signing of any user’s public keys cannot be duplicated.

Digital Signatures vs Paper Signature

If you want to talk about which signature is more secure then it can be said that Digital Signature is more secure than Paper Signature. That’s because the ink signature or paper signature can be copied with great comfort. But it’s probably not so easy if we talk about Digital Signature.

That’s because, in the digital signature, cryptographically an electronic identity is bound into an electronic document. And who cannot be copied so easily?


If I say something about today’s roles, then I can say that nowadays many modern Email programs have come up in the market, which supports Digital Signature and Digital Certificate, and it has made it easy to get an email. Because it is very easy to validate a digitally signed incoming message. Due to this reason, the digital signature is being used very rarely because it gives proof of digital document authenticity, data integrity and non-repudiation if we talk about any transaction on the Internet.

I sincerely hope that I have given you full information about what people have a digital signature. and hope you guys have come to understand this new technology.

I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbours, relatives, your friends so that we will be aware of our interactions and will all benefit from it. I need people’s support from you so that I can bring you even more new information.

My always try is to do that I always help my readers or readers on every side, if you have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me uncomfortable.

I will definitely try to solve those doubts. What is Digital Signature, and how did you create a Digital Signature, let us know how to write a comment, so that we too can get a chance to learn something from your thoughts and improve it.

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