World’s 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones Worth Millions

The world’s 10 most expensive mobile phones: In today’s era, mobile phones are an important part of our needs. Where one expensive mobile phone is coming from one side, one cheap mobile phone from one is also available in the market. The phone is a major requirement in our daily lives.

Mobile phones are very useful for us, there is no doubt in the world but there are such mobiles in the world that do the same thing as our mobile but their price is in the millions. Recent common people can not think of buying it but expensive You can keep mobile information so that anyone can ask if they ask. These mobile phones are made for the rich, so most rich people keep these mobile phones. So let’s know

The world’s 10 most expensive mobile:

10. Vertu Signature Diamond


The mobile phone is very famous for its luxury mobile phone products vertu mobile phone has been included in the world’s most expensive mobile phone list. Platinum has been used in this phone and very few machines have been used to make it. The company claims that a mobile has been decorated with 200 pieces of beautiful diamonds, which costs $ 88,000 (55 million Indian Rupees).

9. iPhone Princess Plus

This mobile is designed by Peter Aloisson of the famous designer Austria, according to Peter Aloisson. The best quality diamond has been used in this mobile phone. This mobile and iPhone mobile phones do not get much difference, so it is not possible to see the world The 10 most expensive mobile phones have been included. You can see in the image above that the diamond is used very beautifully in this mobile price of $ 176,400 (Rs 11,113,200 Indian Rupees)

8.BlackDiamond VPN Smartphone

Although this is not included in the Mobile Fence Mobile list its price includes it in the most expensive mobile. In this mobile, only two diamonds have been used, in which a diamond is placed on the navigation side and the other diamond on the back side of the mobile. The price of this phone is $ 300,000 (approximately 189,00,000 Indian Rupees).

7. Vertu Signature Cobra

Most expensive mobile Well, by its name it is clear that Sharp’s design has been used in this mobile. Vertu Cobra is the seventh highest number in the world’s most expensive mobile phone. This mobile is made by the French jeweller, if it is beautifully made, it includes a cut diamond, one round white diamond, and 439 rubies. It costs $ 310,000 (about Rs 19,530,000 Indian Rupees)

6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This mobile was made in Switzerland in 2005 in which 180 grams of solid gold has been used, behind which the world’s most expensive wood has been used, and this wood is about 200 years old, which is found in Africa, its button Made from Sapphire crystal, this mobile is priced at $ 1 million (the US $ 65,880,450)

5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone


This smartphone was designed by luxury accessories manufacturer Peter Aloisson, which is based on Windows CE. This mobile design incorporates it in the list of the world’s most expensive mobile phones, covering 50 diamonds, Of which 10 rare blue diamonds have been decorated, in addition to this, gold is also used very well, it costs about 1.3 million dollars (about 85,644,585 Indian rupees)

4.GoldVish Le Million

This mobile design is very different from the rest of the mobile which you can see in the image above. This mobile is designed by Emmanuel Gueit, apart from Emmanuel Gueit Mobile, also designs luxury watches and jewelery. This mobile is also designed in Switzerland. Was done
In September 2006 it was included in the list of the most expensive Mobile Guinness World of Records. This mobile has used white gold and 20 carats diamonds. Price $ 1.3 million (about 85,644,585 Indian Rupees)

3.iPhone 3G King’s Button


The third most expensive mobile phone in the world is still included in the iPhone’s mobile 3G King’s Button. This mobile is also designed by Peter Aloisson of Austria. In this mobile, 138 diamonds have been used, which further enhances its beauty. Alternatively, 6.6 karat diamond has been used in its home screen button. This mobile is priced at 2.4 million dollars (about 158,065,080 Indian rupees).

2.Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB


The second most expensive mobile phone in the world is the iPhone, the Supreme Goldstream iPhone 3G, which is priced at $ 3,200,000 (about 210,817,440 Indian Rupees). This mobile is decorated with gold and backside gold, apart from its front side, a carat and a 7-carat diamond have been used for the home screen button, which has four charms in its beauty.

1. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB

The world’s most expensive Diamond Rose iPhone 4, which was designed by Stuart Hughes, is worth more than $ 8 million (around Rs 526,960,000 in Indian Rupees). This phone has 500 prized diamonds of 100 carats, and this phone’s bake Side Rose is made of Gold and Apple logo is made from 53 Diamonds. In addition to this, its front navigation button is made of platinum with 8 carats diamond attached.

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